Ulnar Nerve Entrapment
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Ulnar Nerve Entrapment |Enlightenment| [Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment]

Ulnar Nerve Entrapment is an abnormal condition of Ulnar nerve where it is physically trapped and causes weakness, numbness and pain that affects the lady finger and Ring finger of hand. Entrapment basically means that is constricts the nerve and hinders in the blood flow appropriately in the nerve throughout its path from neck to fingers. Basically, the Ulnar nerve is one of the three main nerves of arm that…

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria
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Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria Treatment |Social Anxiety| Medication

Rejection sensitive dysphoria can be defined as extreme emotional pain. The state of being rejected with emotional disorders. Rejection sensitive dysphoria is a pain of feelings that a person feels when he/she has been rejected or criticized by important people in their life. When people internalized with this emotional response, the sudden change from feeling perfectly fine to feeling intensely sad occurs. It sometimes results as a suicidal ideation. Rejection…

Useful tips for Filing Your Nails
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3 Useful tips for Filing Your Nails |How To File Nails Round|

Filing is the way to shape your nails without causing cracks or splits. Avoid Filing nails back and forth position. Nail filing 6 easy steps. Nice nail shape is just as important as great nail art! Raise your hand if you ever specifically learn how to file nails? On the first day at job, interviews, board presentations, and any time you post a photo on social media, all eyes will…

COVID-19 Coronavirus
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What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)? [Symptoms, Safety & Treatment]

The Next Wave of Corona (COVID-19) is Back…..! European governments have, so far, resisted re-imposing national lockdowns. As per Factset, “Mitigation measures from major EU economies largely focused on limiting social mixing and toughening existing restrictions. France & itely, which has become the new hotspot by registering 30K new cases in one day, declared a state of emergency with night time curfews in Paris and eight other cities. Germany also…

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Tooth Extraction Aftercare-How to Treat Exodontia |Tips & Remedies|

Tooth extraction is defined as drawing out a tooth from its place in the jaw. In medical terms, tooth extraction is known as exodontia or exodontics. Tooth extraction is done by a dentist. For this purpose, the dentist injects anesthesia into the gum of that particular tooth. So, the patient will not suffer from the pain of pulling out the tooth. Then he tugs out the tooth with the help of different…

Essential oils to tighten skin
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The 9 Best Oils to Tighten Face Skin 2020 |Remedies & Reviews|

Try these home remedies mentioned in the article to tighten the skin. Best natural ways to tighten the skin. Oils for loose skin tightening. As we grow old our skin become loose and here are some ways to tighten the skin on stomach. If you are concerned about your looks, you are never too young to develop good habits. For instance, men/women in their twenties can benefit from geranium, lavender,…

How to Get Water Out of Ear
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How to Get Water Out of Ear-Unblock the Ear from Water |Treatment & Home Remedies|

Some times after taking a bath or swimming, ears become blocked by water. Water in the ears feels very uncomfortable. It causes a ringing in the ear. It also changes the sound we hear. It is a common thing and can happen to anyone. Swimmers and children usually face this problem. Sometimes wearing earbuds for a long time can produce sweat in your ear. When this sweat gets in the…

Left Eye Twitching
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Left Eye Twitching-Fluttering of the Left Eye |Causes & Treatments|

When a person starts fluttering his eye again and again then it is called an eye twitch. Left eye twitching means that there is an uncontrolled movement of the left eyelid. The fluttering of the left eye is an involuntary action. Or you can say that a person is not doing it on purpose. The muscles of the eyes contract and results in the blinking of the eye. Myokymia is the…

Junaid Jamshed
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Why did Junaid Jamshed’s Plane Crash? |Investigation Report Revealed|

The most important part of the plane was broken before it took off. According to the report, in December 2016, the PIA’s ATR aircraft flew from Chitraal to Islamabad, then the engine’s power turbine was removed from the stage one blade (PT-1), which affected the power turbine shaft’s rotation, while the “OSG” pin was also broken…. Mr. Junaid Jamshaid (Late): A man who was in every color, loved by everyone…

How to get rid of frizzy hair
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How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair |Tips – Tricks & Remedies|

Frizzy hair tops the list of pet peeves of many people. Taming frizzy hair is not an easy task. Hair gets frizzy due to a number of reasons such as humidity in the air. Frizzy hair can ruin the whole look of a person. Women try their best to get rid of this situation. This piece of writing is going to give you tips and tricks to handle and get…

Indonesia Hajj-2020
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Citizens of the World’s Largest Muslim Population will Not be able to Perform Hajj-2020 (Hijri-1441)

The Indonesian Government has decided, Not to send its Citizens to Saudi Arabia for this year Hajj-2020 due to the Coruna Virus: The Saudi government had this year set an allocation of 221,000 (Two Lacs and Twenty One Thousand) pilgrims for Indonesia, the world’s most Muslim country, but Indonesia has decided not to send its citizens to the country in the wake of the Koruna virus. Indonesian sedition will not…

Google Social Aistance App 2m
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Google has launched a trial social distancing app with augmented reality |How to Use it-Sodar|

Google has launched an experimental social distancing app that uses augmented reality to help keep the recommended two meters away from other people when you are away. Sodar (presumably abbreviated to ‘social distancing radar’) is a web app that displays images from the phone’s camera and overlaps a two-meter wide circle around the device so you can easily see if it’s too close to other people nearby or if you…