Ulnar Nerve Entrapment
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Ulnar Nerve Entrapment |Enlightenment| [Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment]

Ulnar Nerve Entrapment is an abnormal condition of Ulnar nerve where it is physically trapped and causes weakness, numbness and pain that affects the lady finger and Ring finger of hand. Entrapment basically means that is constricts the nerve and hinders in the blood flow appropriately in the nerve throughout its path from neck to fingers. Basically, the Ulnar nerve is one of the three main nerves of arm that…

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria
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Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria Treatment |Social Anxiety| Medication

Rejection sensitive dysphoria can be defined as extreme emotional pain. The state of being rejected with emotional disorders. Rejection sensitive dysphoria is a pain of feelings that a person feels when he/she has been rejected or criticized by important people in their life. When people internalized with this emotional response, the sudden change from feeling perfectly fine to feeling intensely sad occurs. It sometimes results as a suicidal ideation. Rejection…

Essential oils to tighten skin
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The 9 Best Oils to Tighten Face Skin 2020 |Remedies & Reviews|

Try these home remedies mentioned in the article to tighten the skin. Best natural ways to tighten the skin. Oils for loose skin tightening. As we grow old our skin become loose and here are some ways to tighten the skin on stomach. If you are concerned about your looks, you are never too young to develop good habits. For instance, men/women in their twenties can benefit from geranium, lavender,…

Junaid Jamshed
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Why did Junaid Jamshed’s Plane Crash? |Investigation Report Revealed|

The most important part of the plane was broken before it took off. According to the report, in December 2016, the PIA’s ATR aircraft flew from Chitraal to Islamabad, then the engine’s power turbine was removed from the stage one blade (PT-1), which affected the power turbine shaft’s rotation, while the “OSG” pin was also broken…. Mr. Junaid Jamshaid (Late): A man who was in every color, loved by everyone…

How to get rid of frizzy hair
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How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair |Tips – Tricks & Remedies|

Frizzy hair tops the list of pet peeves of many people. Taming frizzy hair is not an easy task. Hair gets frizzy due to a number of reasons such as humidity in the air. Frizzy hair can ruin the whole look of a person. Women try their best to get rid of this situation. This piece of writing is going to give you tips and tricks to handle and get…

Indonesia Hajj-2020
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Citizens of the World’s Largest Muslim Population will Not be able to Perform Hajj-2020 (Hijri-1441)

The Indonesian Government has decided, Not to send its Citizens to Saudi Arabia for this year Hajj-2020 due to the Coruna Virus: The Saudi government had this year set an allocation of 221,000 (Two Lacs and Twenty One Thousand) pilgrims for Indonesia, the world’s most Muslim country, but Indonesia has decided not to send its citizens to the country in the wake of the Koruna virus. Indonesian sedition will not…

Google Social Aistance App 2m
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Google has launched a trial social distancing app with augmented reality |How to Use it-Sodar|

Google has launched an experimental social distancing app that uses augmented reality to help keep the recommended two meters away from other people when you are away. Sodar (presumably abbreviated to ‘social distancing radar’) is a web app that displays images from the phone’s camera and overlaps a two-meter wide circle around the device so you can easily see if it’s too close to other people nearby or if you…

Shahid Afridi
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Will Boom! Boom! Afridi Jump into the Political Arena or Not?

Cricket is one of the most precious and followed sport in the world. Mostly people in around love to like cricket match and stay inquisitive about the wickets, sixes and the whole thing. Boom! Boom! Afridi grips the greatest record for longest six in International cricket lasting as long as 158 (One Hundred & Fifty Eight) meters against South Africa, 3rd ODI at Johannesburg on March 17, 2013. There is…

Hiatal Hernia Surgery
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Hiatal Hernia Surgery |Procedures, Complications, Recovery & More|

If Hiatal Hernia is in danger of causing strangulation or narrowing of the esophagus, so you must go for the surgery. Moreover, now a day’s laparoscopic procedures are in use which involves small incisions on the abdomen to repair the herniated part of the stomach with the least risk of complications and quicker recovery. 1) What is Hiatal Hernia? Protrusion of a part of the stomach into the chest cavity through…

Smokey Eye Makeup
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The Smokey Eye Make-up |Steps by Step for Getting Aggressive Eye Look|

As the name implies, Smokey eye make-up is the blend of darker and lighter shades merged smoothly together. This gives you an enchanted natural look. 1) Things to remember: Make sure the darkest point should be at the lash line. It keeps you fresh and draws intention towards your eyes. As we all know that Smokey eye make-up pops your eye but make sure not to use too many eye…

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Pakistan: Aircraft Crashes in Karachi’s Residential Area |Just! One Minute & Sixty Second Far from the Runway|

Everything Changed in just ! One Minute & Sixty Seconds! The flight had to land at 2:45 and it crashed at 2:44. The unfortunate flight PK 8303 took off from Lahore at 1:08 am was about to land in Karachi when it crashed at the Model Colony, Rendering to PIA CEO Arshad Malik, the pilot had informed the control room of facing a technical issue and then decided to go…

Get rid of baby hairs
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How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs? | Home Remedies |

Baby hairs are the little hair that grows on the forehead, on the face, or maybe after pregnancy. These annoying baby hairs do not look good and most of the women want to get rid of them. They believe these curly baby hairs diminish their beauty. They do not have any specific structure. 1) Why do we have baby hair? Several factors are responsible for the baby hairs around our…