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Useful tips for Filing Your Nails

Filing is the way to shape your nails without causing cracks or splits. Avoid Filing nails back and forth position. Nail filing 6 easy steps.

Nice nail shape is just as important as great nail art! Raise your hand if you ever specifically learn how to file nails? On the first day at job, interviews, board presentations, and any time you post a photo on social media, all eyes will wander to your hands. And more attractively, to your nails. That’s why it is so important to maintain your nail health and make sure you don’t experience nail breaking or nail peeling. Your nail breakage can be quite painful and even invite infection if the nail breaks too low. Nail filing is part of the problem or the solution to keep nail breakage at bay. Filing can cause problems if you don’t trim your nails first. You can trim the nails first and then filing them into proper shape. Filing nails can also cause weakness to the nails if you use a back-and-forth sawing motion

How to File Nails the Right Way

How to File Nails the Right Way?

Filing the right way can smooth the edge of your nail. The best practices can make nail healthier. It is best to use a higher grit number to prevent tearing. Try a 240 grit if you are new to the filing. Diamencel is a great file for weak nails that won’t cause breakage and is not too harsh. The kind of nail file for a beautician can make or break his file job. When filing your nails, it always starts from the outside corner going into the middle of the nail.

How to File Short Nails Correctly?

When you only file the nail in one direction, it protects the nail from splitting and tearing. If your nails are dry and tend to break easily, Do not soak fingertips in soapy water before the manicure, which can dehydrate nails even further. Do not file too far into the sides of the nails, it will weaken the nail at the stress point. File the tip of the nail. When filing the sides of the nail hold the file parallel.

How to Grow Long & Strong nails1.Natural Shape Nail Filing:

When selecting your nail shape you first think what nature has gifted to you. If you are looking to emulate a celebrity manicurist, it’s worth heeding your natural nails shape as you learn to file your nails. Nail shapes are a personal choice, but to a certain level, it can depend on the natural shape of your nail bed. If you take time for filing the nails in a correct way then it results in perfect shape. Always take your time when filing the nails so you don’t damage your nails.


How to File Nails Almond Shape?

The almond shape is the way to go for a lady-like nail. To start almond shape nail filing, mark a spot in the center of your nail and file toward that point. File at an angle that is just off the center of the nail, leaving a flat tip to round out. After you find the angles on both sides, file the corners to smooth out the sharp angles and blend the nail into an almond shape. Almond shape nails add a feminine flair to shorter fingers.

How to File Short Nails Correctly

Best Types of Nail Files:

There are a variety of nail files. Some of them are:

A glass nail file lasts longer than metal or emery files. It lasts longer. It allows for more detailed shaping than a coarse file would on your natural nail.

Stiletto Nails Filing

Stiletto Nails Filing:

This nail filing look is for the more daring. The stiletto nail is also known as the pointed nail. It has created quite the sensation among rock stars. This nail shape choice is for those looking for a long and slender look to their hands. Alternate filing both sides to the center of the nail. You can mark the middle of the nail as a guideline. 

Square Nail Filing

Square Nail Filing:

Square nail shape is the most popular nail shape. This nail shape is famous fashionably. To get this shape, trim your nails to the desired length and file your nails in one direction straight across the entire nail. This nail shape works best for long fingers.

How to Grow Long & Strong nails?

Growing long nails is a multi-step process. If you take good care of your nails, you can grow them long as you desire. You need to sure you have a bad nail habit. You must have stopped it. Take appropriate vitamins and manicuring properly will help you grow strong and long nails. Stop biting your nails. This habit may injurious to your health and also for your nails. This caution helps you grow long and strong nails.

Classical Guitar Nails

Classical Guitar Nails(tips to file nails for guitar):

  • Move the file and keep your nails still
  • File nails from underneath, instead of flat
  • Form a ramp that the string can slide off


You can gain good nail health right at home by filing your nails. You can have good shape nails by using the correct nail file. Before you file your nails wash your hands with soap to get rid of any oil or cream that will disrupt your filing. Make sure your hands are dry. Decide your nail shape and select a filing method to shape them. Cut your nails if your nails are on the longer side. You can cut your nails a little longer if you want a oval-shaped filing. If you are desiring almond-shaped nails cut them from the side first.
You can give your nails a shine by buffing them. This will give a shiny and neat look to your nails. Apply cuticle oil and keep your hands moisturized to ensure healthy nails. File your nails every couple of weeks. Filing your nails regularly can weaken them. It is important to note that nail filing is shaping them not reducing the length. If you are filing the nails in back-and-forth then you must read the article from the beginning.