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4-Month Sleep Regression in Your Baby

The 4-Month sleep regression seems like a big milestone when it comes to the since when they are newborn, they sleep approximately for 16 hours. The parents become happy and take a sigh of relief. However, as the baby enters the 4-month sleep regression, you as a parent have to leave your sweet dreamer sleeps, which then turn, into sleepless nights at times. Their naps become drastically shortened. At times, this makes the parent frustrated and exhausted

1) What is Sleep Regression? 

Sleep regression is basically the time period when your baby wakes up frequently at night and then struggles to sleep back again. Once you is awake, you cannot sleep too. This pattern shows that at this time your baby is undergoing some developmental changes in his brain. It’s the time when the brain is evolving, learning new skills such as rolling, recognizing faces, etc.

The first wave of sleep regression is the 4 months sleep regression. It can be frustrating and difficult to tackle for the parents since it is the first one. There are more sleep regressions later coming up in the future.

2) When does the 4-Month Sleep Regression Begins?

It can start after around eight weeks of birth. It can also start as late as 5 months. However, the most common age is 3 ½ to 4 months. Adding more, there are some babies who do not sleep well after birth.

3) When does the 4-Month Sleep Regression Ends?

The 4-month sleep regression never ends. In other words, it is a permanent change in your baby’s sleep pattern. Some go back to sleeping properly within 2 weeks. Whereas, others sleeping habits need to be changed by your intervention in order to make them sleep well.

 4) Signs of 4-Month Sleep Regression:

Signs of 4-Month Sleep RegressionThe following are some of the signs, which show that your baby has entered 4-month sleep regression:

        • Waking at night frequently
  • Meticulousness 
  • Noticeable changes in appetite
  • Taking less naps
  • Extra hungry 
  • Being fastidious 
  • Cranky 

5) Causes of 4 Months Sleep Regression:

It happens due to the following developments and evolution-taking place in the baby’s brain. 

  • Your baby is trying to learn to roll over
  • Your baby is becoming familiarize from the surrounding

6) How to Manage 4 Months Regression?

Do not worry, just keep in mind that this 4-month regression is temporary. Here are a few suggestions given to manage your baby’s 4-month regression. Before that, make sure your baby is not sick. Any kind of illness is more likely to disturb your baby’s sleeping pattern.

Room Should be Kept Dark

Provide Your Baby Practice Time in a Say:

As the baby is eager to learn and master different skills such as rolling over or sitting up. He should be provided some uninterrupted time during the day so he never practices these skills at his bedtime.

The Room Should be Kept Dark:

When it’s time to sleep or nap, make sure the room should be dark. This will encourage him to sleep. If your baby wakes up early, ensure that your room remains dark. This will help him sleep again.

Similarly, if it’s time to wake up, your room should have ample sunlight. This will give a signal to the brain.

Use Light Night Suit for Your Baby:

During this 4-month sleep regression, you have to make some extra effort like making your baby wear light nightwear which will make him comfortable and will give him a soothing feeling.

Initiate a Bedtime Routine:

It is very important to stick to a sleeping time routine such as taking bath, changing, feeding, reading a bedtime book, etc Make sure whatever routine you are following, be very consistent with it. 


Whenever your baby is sleeping, there should not be any extra loud noise. This actually distracts the baby thus disturbing his sleep.

Extend Extra Love and Care Towards Your Baby:

Babies are very much attached to their mothers. As a matter of fact, if you provide him some extra love, cuddles, and hugs, he will feel very comfortable and loved.

Use a Swinging Carrycot:

It will be a plus point if you use any swing when its time for your baby to sleep. They get soothing effects and sleep is induced. Keep supervision, do not make your baby sleep in the swing for long periods of time. 

7) Other than the Above, You Can Induce Sleep in the Following Ways:

Manage 4 Months Regression


  1. Giving a warm bath
  2. Playing a soothing music
  3. Dim out the light
  4. Lessen stimulation 

Act Swiftly When Your Baby Shows Sleeping Signs:

When your baby is rubbing his ears continuously, showing disinterest, yawning. These cues show that he really wants to sleep. At this moment of time, you have to take a quick action and take him to sleep.

Provide Your Baby with Feed:

Though this strategy does not work for all the babies. However, in some cases it really helps the baby to sleep for long.

Seek Help from Family and Friends:

You can call your family and friends to play or spend some time with your baby while you take a power nap.

8) Is there a Medical Issue?

Being a parent, we all are concerned about our babies. Since this is a temporary phase that will pass. However, it can be a sleep disorder. If your baby exhibits the following mentioned signs, do visit a doctor:

  • Your baby is crying and there isn’t anything that provides a soothing feeling.
  • Your baby is facing breathing difficulties during sleep.
  • If he is avoiding to eat anything.


4-Month regression is a temporary phase in a baby’s life. It might make you feel  frustrated and depressed at times. As you go through this sleep regression process, make sure to take care of yourself too. Try to take short naps during the day to satisfy your sleep. Remember, this phase shall pass soon like other phases in a baby’s life and you along with your baby will get a chance to enjoy a sound sleep.

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