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Alkaline Phosphatase High

1) What is Alkaline Phosphatase?

Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme that is found in the tissues. It helps in the breakdown of proteins in the tissues. Bone and liver cells of our body comprises of higher levels of alkaline phosphatase.

2) When does Alkaline Phosphatase’s level become high?

It is very important to note that every enzyme in our body has to be maintained a certain quantity. Hence, ensuring normal body function. There are certain conditions when alkaline phosphatase level rises eventually not letting the body & body organs function normally. Some of the conditions are stated below:

  • Liver Cancer
  • Hepatitis 
  • Cirrhosis 
  • Gallbladder stones

3) Normal Range of Alkaline Phosphatase in our body:

The normal range of alkaline phosphatase in a healthy adult is between 20-140 units/liter. Whereas in children the level is significantly high. The latter is due to the ongoing growth process of bones. Since in young ones, the bones are in a growing stage. Normal range of serum alkaline phosphatase during pregnancy cannot be determined exactly since it varies from age, gender, and blood group.

4) Symptoms of High Alkaline Phosphatase:

There are a few symptoms that one might observe and which lead to high alkaline phosphatase levels. It means if you perceive any of the following symptoms, you should immediately go for an ALP test.

5) Symptoms of Low Alkaline Phosphatase:

As described earlier, every enzyme in the human body has a certain normal range and has to be maintained. If you have lower alkaline phosphatase you might have hypophosphatasia. It is a genetic disease that directly affects your bones and teeth. Low alkaline phosphatase levels may also result due to malnutrition and low zinc levels.

6) How high Alkaline Phosphatase Level Reaches in Pregnancy?

It is said that the alkaline phosphatase level increases during pregnancy. It is 68.2U/I and 75.9 U/I during the first trimesters. I rise to 126.7 to 178.8 and 234 U/I during the seventh, eighth, and ninth months respectively. This increase is due to more alkaline phosphatase production by the placenta during pregnancy.

7) What Foods are High in Alkaline Phosphatase?

Alkaline-rich foods such as legumes, vegetables, nuts and fruits are a good source to increase alkaline phosphatase enzyme in your body.

8) What are the Functions of Alkaline Phosphatase?

It has several functions in our body. A few are listed below:

  • Transportation of nutrients to the liver
  • Fat digestion
  • Helps in growth of the bones

9) What is an Alkaline Phosphatase test?

It is a procedure through which the doctor detects levels of alkaline phosphatase enzyme in our body. This is because, timely medication should be started to keep your body and body organs function normally.There aren’t any specific preparations done for the test. 

Alkaline Phosphatase High test

10) How is the test done?

It only requires a blood sample. A strap is tied up around your upper arm. This allows the veins to be prominent. The nurse cleans the area with an alcohol swab and takes blood through a very thin needle. After collecting the desired amount of blood samples, she cleans the area with alcohol.

It is not at all a painful procedure except the little pain when the needle pricks the skin.


11) How to Lower your Elevated Alkaline Phosphatase Level?

The first and important thing is, one should know why is his/her alkaline phosphatase level increasing. Either it’s because of liver damage, malnutrition, smoking, coffee, vitamin D deficiency. 

It is very important to keep a close eye on the diet you consume. Some foods are helpful in plumping down your elevated alkaline phosphatase levels.

  • Dairy products that are low in fat.
  • High-calorie sauces and too much added sugar and salt should be avoided.
  • Intake of fresh fish.
  • Food that is rich in copper is known to reduce high alkaline phosphatase levels. For example, lentils, dried apricots, almonds.
  • Foods that are high in zinc helps to control high alkaline phosphatase levels. Foods rich in zinc include spinach, beef, oysters, lamb, mutton. 

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the reasons for the higher alkaline phosphatase level. For this you have to spend time under sunlight which will increase your vitamin deficiency, eventually normalizing your alkaline phosphatase level.


As we all are aware of this fact that our body remains healthy if we exercise regularly. Starting from a simple 30 minutes walk and gradually leading to proper yoga or gym works.


If the deficiency is because of the liver damage. You need to strengthen your liver. You can use different supplements that help to heal your liver. For example: NAC, Taurine, etc


Coffee plumps down the alkaline phosphatase level.

12) Can exercise increase my Alkaline Phosphatase level?

Weight-bearing exercises can cause an elevation in the alkaline phosphatase level. However, it gets back to normal within 20 minutes.

13) What Medicines Affect the Alkaline Phosphatase level?

Certain drugs cause higher alkaline phosphatase levels when ingested too much. If any of the drugs are causing a high level of alkaline phosphatase in your body, ask your doctor to recommend an alternative, which does not directly affect your blood alkaline phosphatase level.

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Few diabetes medicines
  • Cortisone 
  • Birth control pills
  • Antibiotics
  • Allopurinol 

14) Is Alkaline Phosphatase Used in the Dairy Industry?

Alkaline phosphatase is used in the dairy industry. It is a kind of indicator that shows the victorious process of pasteurization. This is because the most heat resistant bacteria found in milk are likely to be destroyed with lower temperatures than those needed to unstable alkaline phosphatase. Therefore, the presence of alkaline phosphatase shows that, the process of pasteurization carried is unsuccessful.


Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme that is found in bones, liver, and intestinal walls. A rise in the normal range of alkaline phosphatase can cause various bones diseases, liver, and gall bladder complications. However, it increases naturally during pregnancy. There are ways to cope up with elevated alkaline phosphatase levels. So, it is better to get a timely test done if you witness any symptoms mentioned above. This will prevent you from further complications. Read more about Coronavirus (COVID 19),