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Indonesia Hajj-2020

The Indonesian Government has decided, Not to send its Citizens to Saudi Arabia for this year Hajj-2020 due to the Coruna Virus:

The Saudi government had this year set an allocation of 221,000 (Two Lacs and Twenty One Thousand) pilgrims for Indonesia, the world’s most Muslim country, but Indonesia has decided not to send its citizens to the country in the wake of the Koruna virus.

Indonesian sedition will not be able to perform hajj this year, so the pilgrims for Indonesia should prepare themselves for next year’s Hajj season, Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs Fakhar al-Razi told a press conference.

The government has taken the decision after Saudi authorities failed to assure it, as the presence of the Prophet may have difficulties in paying for Hajj, he said.

More than 90,000 Indonesian pilgrims registered for Hajj this year, and many expressed disappointment over the government’s decision.

Singapore also announced last month that it would not send its citizens to The Hajj-2020 due to The Coruna Virus.

On the other hand, in Saudi Arabia, 549 people have died due to the Coruna Virus, while the number of affected patients has crossed 87,000.

Masjid Nabvi S.A.W

In Saudi Arabia, All Mosques Including Prophets (S.A.W) were opened for General Prayers:

About two and a half months after the closure of the Coruna Virus, the mosque has been opened for prophets.

The mosque was aregular day of the Prophet’s prayer, before the AZAN many peoples reached the Mosque (Masjid-Nabwi) of The Prophet S.A.W, where medical staff checked the temperature of the prayers before entering the mosque (Masjid).

Under security arrangements, 40% of the mosque’s (Masjid) total population is allowed to enter.

The mosque (Masjid) has been instructed by the administration of the Prophet S.A.W (Peace and Blessings of ALLAH be upon him) to keep the prayers away from each other, to bring prayers and to come from the House of WAZO.

The Mosque (Masjid) has also started to pay for prayers in mosques in other cities of Saudi Arabia, but the mosque has not yet been opened for general prayers.

It was clear that the Saudi government had banned the entry of the pilgrims and prayers at all mosques, including the Kaaba and the Mosque of The Prophet (Peace and Blessings of ALLAH be Upon him) in the wake of fears of the spread of the Coruna Virus.

Now the Saudi government has allowed the opening of offices with careful measures, declaring a soft spot in lock-down from May 31, while the Saudi government has also launched a massive crackdown on 90,000 mosques across the country.

Masjid e Aqsa

Masjid Al Aqsa opened for General Prayers:

After two months of closed, The mosque (Masjid) in the occupied Al-Masjid Aqsa was opened for the prayers as well, where the worshippers were also required to wear masks to protect themselves from the Coruna Virus. The mosque (Masjid) was closed for the (5) five times prayers in March due to the Corona Virus. Read More,