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How to get rid of frizzy hair

Frizzy hair tops the list of pet peeves of many people. Taming frizzy hair is not an easy task. Hair gets frizzy due to a number of reasons such as humidity in the air. Frizzy hair can ruin the whole look of a person. Women try their best to get rid of this situation. This piece of writing is going to give you tips and tricks to handle and get rid of frizz in your hair.

Types of Frizzy Hair:

  • Halo frizz
  • Surface frizz
  • In-the-curl frizz
  • Pouf ball frizz
  • Frizz at the ends

Tips & Tricks to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair:

1) Choose a Suitable Shampoo:

While buying a shampoo, take a look at the ingredients sections for sure. Choose the shampoo that contains glycerin. Glycerin can penetrate the hair and it can hydrate your hair deeply. It also keeps moisture tapped in the hair that helps to keep frizz away from the hair. Moreover, the shampoo you are choosing should be sulfate-free. Sulfates strip the oil from the hair and make them extra dry. Be careful in that matter, because a lot of shampoos contain sulfates because they are good lathe-forming agents.

2) Never Miss the Conditioner:

Using conditioner is an often-ignored part of hair care. Choose a conditioner that can hold moisture in the hair. A conditioner helps in retaining the paramount amount of moisture in the hair. Like shampoo, look for a conditioner that has glycerin and some other hydration boosting elements like shea butter. Avoid applying conditioner to the roots as it can cause oiliness. Apply conditioner on hair from mid-length to the end of the hair.

3) Use a Hydrating Mask Every Now & Then:

Using a hydrating mask on a regular basis can keep your cuticles hydrated and closed. You can use different types of hair masks. The type of mask does not matter as much as the interval of applying that mask. This will keep the hair safe from style damaging and moisturized. Coconut oil can act as a natural hair mask; go for it as it gives wonderful results. Coconut oil does wonders for hair. It is a great blessing of Mother Nature to deal with frizzy hair.

4) Let Hair Dry Naturally Before Blow-drying:

Letting 90% of your hair dry before blow-drying is a huge deal for your hair. Even after that use blow dryer on a low temperature and keep it away from your hair (at least 6 inches away). Keep in mind to blow dry all your hair equally and don’t focus on a specific section of hair. Doing this will give an even and beautiful look to your hair. Moreover, use a diffuser with the blow dry especially if you have wavy or curly hair.

5) Mascara Can Help:

Sometimes the frizz is affecting small areas and they are difficult to deal if spread across the head. After the hair spray mascara wand can help here. After applying the hair spray, give a coat of mascara on the smaller frizz areas where needed.

6) Replace the Hair Towel with a Microfiber Towel:

Wet hair can get damaged easily. Even the type of towel and its use can leave a huge impact on your hair. Using the towel with the right fabric is really important when it comes to taking control f the frizz of the hair. Towels made up of rough fabric can break the hair and that ultimately damage leads to frizz. Go for the towels that are made of softer materials such as microfiber towel. Even a t-shirt can do a great job for that matter.

7) Try “Dry Shampoo”:

If you have a super busy routine and you can go without washing your hair for days, then here is a piece of advice for you, “Don’t do that your hair.” If you cannot afford washing your hair daily due to any reason; go for dry shampoo. It is time-saving; moreover, it will keep the roots of your hair oil-free. Dry shampoo is a life-saving product in the recent history of self-care products.  

8) Use a Silk Pillowcase:

Silk pillowcases are not about fancy and delicate looks only. They are also beneficial for the hair, especially as compared to the cotton pillowcase. Silk pillowcase can reduce friction which is a big enemy of your hair because it ends up in giving frizz to your hair. Furthermore, the silk pillowcase can maintain the moisture of the hair because of the unique texture of this fabric. The great news is that these are not much expensive as compared to the cotton pillowcases. Invest in silk pillowcases and pamper your hair a little more.

9) Oils over Serum:

Both of them are useful for hair but the interesting thing that should be noted here is that serum doesn’t get absorbed in the hair and they just sit on the outer layer of the hair, whereas, oils penetrate deeper in the texture of the hair. As the oils absorbed deep inside the hair, they help in retaining the much-needed moisture for a longer period of time. Hence, hair is less frizzy.

Hair Mask


Try DIY Treatments:

1) Almond Oil & Egg Mask:

You will need an egg and 4 tablespoons of almond oil. Combine both of them and make a smooth mixture.  Start applying the mixture to hair by making sections of the hair. Apply it equally all over the hair. Let the mixture be there on the hair for almost an hour. Rinse and wash the hair as usual but don’t forget to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners.

2) Avocado Mask:

For the preparation of this mask, you will need a ripened avocado and one cup of yogurt. Start with cutting the avocado and removing its pit. Then mash the avocado and make a smooth paste with the addition of yogurt. Apply it on the hair thoroughly and wait for 40 minutes. After that wash the hair with and shampoo and don’t forget to use a conditioner after that. You can use this mask on your hair twice a month.

Almond Oil & Egg Mask


Hair plays an important role to enhance the beauty. However, the frizz in the hair can cause an eclipse over the beauty. By following some simple steps and taking care of some precautions can help you in getting rid of the matter. Make wise choices while taking care of the hair and enjoy an adorable and flawless look of the hair. Read more,