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Left Eye Twitching

When a person starts fluttering his eye again and again then it is called an eye twitch. Left eye twitching means that there is an uncontrolled movement of the left eyelid. The fluttering of the left eye is an involuntary action. Or you can say that a person is not doing it on purpose. The muscles of the eyes contract and results in the blinking of the eye. Myokymia is the medical term used for eye twitching. In medical terms, twitching of the eye is the spasm of the eyelid muscles which causes abnormal blinking of the eyelid.
There is not any fixed time to start. Left eye fluttering can start any time whether you are at rest or doing something. Mostly there is nothing serious about left eye twitching. Twitching of the eye is not harmful. Serious conditions due to the fluttering of the eye are very rare. Most people suffer from fluttering of the left eye one time or another. Usually fluttering of the left eye lasts for a few seconds. But Sometimes blinking of the left eye takes a few minutes to a few days to stop.

Reasons for Blinking of the Left Eye

Reasons for Blinking of the Left Eye:

Reasons for the blinking of the left eye are not truly identified. But blinking of the left eye may begin when a person is suffering from anxiety or stress. Stress is the most commonly known reason that triggers the blinking of the left eye. Insomnia or lack of sleep also causes twitching of the left eye. These two causes are inter-related. As a stressed person may have difficulty in sleeping.
When a person uses too many gadgets such as computers and mobiles, it causes tension in the eyes. This tension in the eye is one of the causes of left eye blinking. Actually, the excess of everything is bad. Alcohol and other drinks such as tea coffee or soft drinks that have caffeine in them can be a reason of left eyelid twitching. So a person who uses caffeine-containing drinks in large amounts can suffer from left eye twitching.
One of the reasons for the blinking of the left eye is dryness of the left eye. Dryness of the left eye may occur due to the overuse of digital devices, drink alcohol and caffeine – containing drinks. Dryness of the left eye also occurs due to the side effects of some medicines which result in the fluttering of the left eye.
Another cause of left eye twitching is the allergy of the eye. People with eye allergies feel itchiness in their eyes. When they rub their eye histamine releases and cause eyelid tissue to break. In this condition, the twitching of eyelid starts. People from 50 and above in age usually face this condition.
Another known reason for the blinking of the left eye is malnutrition. Malnutrition causes muscle weakness which ultimately results in eyelid spasm.

Twitching of left Eye during Pregnancy:

As we know that pregnant women are emotionally unstable. They face the problems in sleeping, anxiety, and dizziness. There is nothing serious about it as they are common in pregnancy. But this stressed condition of a pregnant lady may trigger the twitching of the left eyelid. Malnutrition can also be the reason to start the blinking of the left eye. Deficiency of different vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium result in spasm of left eye muscles.  
Although this twitching of eyelid is common in pregnancy, sometimes it can be serious too. Do not take it easy if you have a chronic spasm of the eyelid muscle. In this case, you need to consult with your optometrist.

Serious Problems

Serious Problems Related to Left Eye Twitching:

Most of the time fluttering of the left eye is not a problem. But sometimes there is a need to get worried. Blinking of the eyelid becomes a problem when it does not stop for a few weeks and the eyelid shuts completely. Then you need to go to the doctor. Another serious case is a chronic disorder in eye twitching. It leads to headaches and brain disorders. It may also affect your eyesight.

Myths about Fluttering of Left Eyelid

Myths about Fluttering of Left Eyelid:

People from different parts of the world have different myths about fluttering of the left eyelid. Good and bad omen is related to the blinking of the eye. These superstitions about twitching of the left eye are different in different cultures. Science has discovered more authentic reasons for the blinking of eye. But people still have their faith in superstitions.
In Pakistan, people think that the blinking of the left eye will be going to bring bad luck.
In India, people believe that twitching of the left eye is a good sign for men. But for women, blinking of the left eye is going to bring some bad news.
Chinese also believe in the myth of good luck and bad luck associated with fluttering of left eye. But in Chinese, this superstition is related to the time. At a particular time, it is a good omen. But another time of the day, it means bad things are going to happen.
In Africa, people have different myths about the top and bottom eyelids. If left upper eyelid blinks it means some guests are arriving. But if left bottom eyelid twitches it means some grief is waiting for you.

Treatment of Left Eye Twitching

Treatment of Left Eye Twitching:

People, who are suffering from stress conditions, usually face this problem. To stop this uncontrolled blinking of an eyelid, they need to relax. Peace of mind is very helpful in stopping this eyelid twitching. You can go for a walk, hang out with friends, have a long nap, watch some movies, or do some exercise to get rid of anxiety.
If the blinking of the eyelid is due to over drinking of alcohol and caffeine-containing drinks, you need to lower down the consumption of caffeinecontaining drinks and alcohol. By improving your diet you can also be able to stop fluttering of left eye. In this case, a person has to add necessary vitamins and minerals in his diet.
If the reason behind twitching of left eyelid is dryness, there is a need to lubricate the surface. For this condition, you have to go to the doctor. When the natural moisture is locked by lubricating the surface, the dryness issue is solved. And twitching of the left eye stops. See more,