Tensor Fasciae Latae
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The Tensor Fasciae Latae, (TFL) |Its Function, Power Test & Iliotibial Tract|

The TFL is a hip muscle that is very well known to physiotherapists. Although, it is very small in size but plays a key role along with the gluteal muscles to assist in movement and stabilization of the hip and knee. 1) Introduction: The Tensor fasciae latae muscle is a part of gluteal muscles which helps in abduction, flexion and internal rotation of the hip joint. It is a fusiform…

Porphyria Cutanea Tarda
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Do you know what is Porphyria Cutanea Tarda? | Symptoms, Causes & Treatment |

Background: It is the most prevalent type of Porphyria. Porphyria Cutanea Tarda has several other names such as symptomatic porphyria, idiosyncratic porphyria, acquired hepatic porphyria, and chemical porphyria. 80% of cases of this disease are acquired; however, 20% of cases are a result of “it runs in the family”. In this disease, the heme synthetic enzyme uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase (UROD) becomes deficient. The PCT of the familial type usually develops due…

Asif Ali Zardari
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Is Mr. Asif Ali Zardari Died? |Facts Behind Viral Story-Rumors|

Asif Ali Zardari Latest News 2020: Mr. Asif Ali Zardari’s death news is going viral. More than a few people are claiming that the Ex. president of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has died, however Pakistan People Party (PPP) is walloping the news of Mr. Zardari’s death. Mr. Asif Ali Zardari is out of Screen and there are rumors that he has died? However, his family is keeping it a secret…

4-Month Sleep Regression in Your Baby
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Most Effective Ways to Manage 4-Month Sleep Regression in Your Baby

The 4-Month sleep regression seems like a big milestone when it comes to the since when they are newborn, they sleep approximately for 16 hours. The parents become happy and take a sigh of relief. However, as the baby enters the 4-month sleep regression, you as a parent have to leave your sweet dreamer sleeps, which then turn, into sleepless nights at times. Their naps become drastically shortened. At times,…

Stress and General Adaptation Syndrome
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Stress & General Adaptation Syndrome [Explanation & Stages]

Outline (S & GAS): Stress & General Adaptation Syndrome was accidentally discovered by Selye while he was doing experiments on rats at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Selye performed several experiments of rats in which they were subjected to different stress mechanisms such as exposure to high temperatures, injected with different pollutants as well as their bodies were made to endure excessive exertion. All of the physiological responses to these…

Alkaline Phosphatase High
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Alkaline Phosphatase High (ALP) [Causes & Symptoms]

1) What is Alkaline Phosphatase? Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme that is found in the tissues. It helps in the breakdown of proteins in the tissues. Bone and liver cells of our body comprises of higher levels of alkaline phosphatase. 2) When does Alkaline Phosphatase’s level become high? It is very important to note that every enzyme in our body has to be maintained a certain quantity. Hence, ensuring normal…

COVID-19 Coronavirus
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What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)? [Symptoms, Safety & Treatment]

An outbreak that started to spread gradually in Wuhan China. It is believed that the spread started from a meat market eventually drastically pocketing the whole wide world. Effecting millions of people all around the globe.  The name “Corona” is evolved from a Latin word “halo” which means “crown”. It has a crown-like projections all over as a result it is named as Coronavirus. Coronavirus is a type of scary…

Pain in Left Arm
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Pain in Left Arm Mean…! A Heart Attack? [Symptoms, Causes & Treatment ]

As the person gets older, pain in the left arm is nothing unusual. But sometime, it could be the sign of something really serious like a heart attack. If a person is aware of the cause of the left arm pain, it can be determined easily whether to seek medical attention or not. There can be many causes like a problem in the neck or upper spine. Pain radiating into…

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The Leukoaraiosis…! White Matter in Brain? |Causes & Treatment|

The term leukoaraiosis was first used by Hachinski and his colleagues in 1987 when they detected a white matter in the brain during a CT scan. The matter was seen as patchy and covered diffused areas with the boundaries not so well defined.  Leukoaraiosis is now being shown to have links with the history of stroke and it also can show the probability of occurrence of either ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke.…

The Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3
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The Chronic Kidney Disease: Stage 3 |Precautions|

Chronic Kidney Sickness (CKD) is referred to as the 5 stages of kidney damage. The first stage does slight damage to the kidney eventually leading to kidney failure in stage 5. These successive stages depict how efficient a person’s kidney is in filtering out waste and impurities out of the blood. In the early stages, even though the kidneys start to get damaged, they still function fine to filter waste…