Alkaline Phosphatase High
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Alkaline Phosphatase High (ALP) [Causes & Symptoms]

1) What is Alkaline Phosphatase? Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme that is found in the tissues. It helps in the breakdown of proteins in the tissues. Bone and liver cells of our body comprises of higher levels of alkaline phosphatase. 2) When does Alkaline Phosphatase’s level become high? It is very important to note that every enzyme in our body has to be maintained a certain quantity. Hence, ensuring normal…

Pain in Left Arm
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Pain in Left Arm Mean…! A Heart Attack? [Symptoms, Causes & Treatment ]

As the person gets older, pain in the left arm is nothing unusual. But sometime, it could be the sign of something really serious like a heart attack. If a person is aware of the cause of the left arm pain, it can be determined easily whether to seek medical attention or not. There can be many causes like a problem in the neck or upper spine. Pain radiating into…

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The Leukoaraiosis…! White Matter in Brain? |Causes & Treatment|

The term leukoaraiosis was first used by Hachinski and his colleagues in 1987 when they detected a white matter in the brain during a CT scan. The matter was seen as patchy and covered diffused areas with the boundaries not so well defined.  Leukoaraiosis is now being shown to have links with the history of stroke and it also can show the probability of occurrence of either ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke.…

The Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3
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The Chronic Kidney Disease: Stage 3 |Precautions|

Chronic Kidney Sickness (CKD) is referred to as the 5 stages of kidney damage. The first stage does slight damage to the kidney eventually leading to kidney failure in stage 5. These successive stages depict how efficient a person’s kidney is in filtering out waste and impurities out of the blood. In the early stages, even though the kidneys start to get damaged, they still function fine to filter waste…

How to Lower Stress Hormone Naturally
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How to Lower Stress Hormone Naturally [6-Ways to Reduce Cortisol]

According to Wikipedia” Cortisol is a steroid hormone”. When we used cortisol for medication then it is termed as hydrocortisone. It is found in many animals. Its release is increasing more in response to stress and other low-blood glucose concentration. It functions to suppress the immune system and to aid in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and protein. It also decreases bone formation. Every cell of the body has receptors…

Yellow Jacket Sting Cellulitis
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Yellow Jacket Sting Cellulitis |Symptoms & Treatment|

Hornets — adequately referred to as arthropod genus, Dolichovespula, or Paravespula, it’s not like bees, which may solely sting once since they inject their stinger into you, Yellow Jackets have the power to hurt you multiple times. Once a Yellow Jacket stings you, it pierces your skin with its stinger and inject a toxic venom that causes fulminate pain. You will additionally expertise inflammation or redness around the sting many…

The White Spots On Your Nails
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The White Spots on Your Nails…?

Your Fingernails can be the signs of diseases in your body. Nails can how the problem in your body parts such as the heart and lungs. A symptom of white spot on nails displays many sicknesses. A medical name given for this condition of nails is called leukonychia, which can be divided above into classes; nail plate itself suffering from white spots shows the “true leukonychia” and some spots which…

Ulnar Nerve Entrapment
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Ulnar Nerve Entrapment |Enlightenment| [Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment]

Ulnar Nerve Entrapment is an abnormal condition of Ulnar nerve where it is physically trapped and causes weakness, numbness and pain that affects the lady finger and Ring finger of hand. Entrapment basically means that is constricts the nerve and hinders in the blood flow appropriately in the nerve throughout its path from neck to fingers. Basically, the Ulnar nerve is one of the three main nerves of arm that…

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria
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Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria Treatment |Social Anxiety| Medication

Rejection sensitive dysphoria can be defined as extreme emotional pain. The state of being rejected with emotional disorders. Rejection sensitive dysphoria is a pain of feelings that a person feels when he/she has been rejected or criticized by important people in their life. When people internalized with this emotional response, the sudden change from feeling perfectly fine to feeling intensely sad occurs. It sometimes results as a suicidal ideation. Rejection…

Mouth Swab Drug Test
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Mouth Swab Drug Test Turns Blue

A mouth swab drug test, also known as a saliva testing. It collects saliva from person’s mouth inside, whether it’s an employee or a job applicant. When you step forward for an interview to get a job, you may be concerned about being tested for drug and alcohol use. Employers in some Industries are legally getting drug test to job applicants and employees. There are different forms of drug test…