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Smokey Eye Makeup

As the name implies, Smokey eye make-up is the blend of darker and lighter shades merged smoothly together. This gives you an enchanted natural look.

1) Things to remember:

  • Make sure the darkest point should be at the lash line. It keeps you fresh and draws intention towards your eyes.
  • As we all know that Smokey eye make-up pops your eye but make sure not to use too many eye shadows. Approximately 3 eye shadows and liner will work wonders to enhance your eyes.
  • Blending is of high importance when we talk about Smokey eyes. Properly blended eye shadows and liner give your eye make-up a smooth pop up. Use a blending shadow brush to blend.

2) Where did the Smokey eye originate from?

It arrived from Egyptians. As they started using simple powder and kohl. They used to believe that in this way they would be protected from evils and other infections. Crushed stone 

The first woman to use Smokey eye make-up is Cleopatra. She applied a dark blue shadow with black eyeliner, which was eventually a big hit. Some of the other artists were Jane Fonda, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Olivia Newton-John who started to do Smokey eye make-up as a mandatory part of their look in various characters.

Tips to do Smokey eye make-up

3) Tips to do Smokey eye make-up: 

  1. Always begin with a highlight color on the brow bone. Do not blend the darkest shade pass the crease. 
  2. Eye shadow needs to be applied in a backward direction
  3. Eye pencils should be used as a base.
  4. If you are creating a look for the day time then keep it close to your lash line.
  5. You need to see your eye shape before doing variations since the shape of the eyes differ from person to person. It might not suit you.
  6. It is very important to choose the right shade for yourself from your shadow palette, depending upon your skin color and shape of the eyes. However, in all cases your brow bone should be visible along with the lower lash too.
  7. Selection of appropriate tools before starting your Smokey eye look.
  8. Whenever you are up to creating a Smokey eye look, always relaxed calmly start and finish your eye make-up. Do not be in a hurry otherwise things will end up with a bad eye do.

4) How to create a Smokey eye look?

The following things are required to get a smooth nice looking Smokey eye make-up:

  • A dark-colored liner be it eye pencil or in the form of a gel.
  • Concealer or primer for your eye shadow
  • Your eye shadow palette should have a middle shade to be used as a base color, a darker shade so that depth can be added and a metallic shade to highlight.

5) Creating my Smokey eye look:

Smokey eye make-up is quite easy if you follow the dos and don ‘ts. Remember the tips and tricks. The step-by-step process is as follows:

Step 1:

Eye preparation: 

The first step is to apply concealer or it is also known as the base for eye shadow. It ensures the lasting of the shadow.

Step 2:

  • Use the middle shade to cover your eyelid. This shade acts as the foundation. It is recommended to opt for a color that suits your darker shade. Preferably beige or brown. 

Step 3:

  • Use a dark pencil to line the upper crease. While applying keep in mind that there should be no gaps left in the middle. Do not worry if the liner is not too appropriate since it will be smudged with the other eye shadow.

Step 4: 

  • Now use darker eye shadow over your liner and in the creased and outer corners.

Step 5: 

  • Apply a little metallic or shimmery on the inner corner of the eye to further enhance it. Choose a color that compliments the other colors. Golden and silver suits more neutral Smokey eyes.

6) Smokey eye make-up for brown eyes:

It gives a bold look. Most importantly, it fits to all skin types.

Smokey eye make-up for brown eyes

7) Smokey eye make-up for blue eyes:

Smokey eye make-up looks stunning on blue eyes making them more extraordinarily attractive.

Smokey eye make-up for blue eyes

8) Smokey eye make-up for green eyes:

If you are blessed with green eyes naturally, so consider yourself lucky. This is because Smokey eye make-up looks ravishing on green eyes as people with green eyes have specks of brown or gold in them. By choosing any 2 shades of the same hue you can beautify your eye. Preferably brown and golden can make a sultry eye shadow look. 

Smokey eye make-up for green eyes

9) Smokey eye make-up for small eyes:

Some people have small eyes as compared to the overall size of their face. Few points should be kept under consideration while executing Smokey eye-makeup on small eyes. Few tips are mentioned below:

  • It is recommended by various beauticians not to apply too dark color shade like brown, black, purple when you have small eyes.
  • Avoid using dark colors on your eyelids.
  • Use dark color only from half-eye extending it till the end.
  • For frontal lids a light color would enhance your eyes more than a darker shade.
  • Use a very thin liner to line up your upper lid. Preferably any shade near to black but not jet black.

Smokey eye make-up for small eyes

10) Wedding eye make-up:

We all wish to look gorgeous on our big day. Smokey eye make-up adds glamour and style within your personality on your wedding. To attain this elegant look just go for simple shades of brown depending upon your eye shape. A dark brown liner would further soften the look. Do not overdo the bronzer. Your natural features should be kept prominent.


Smokey eye make-up is one of the famous and well-known grooming practices carried out throughout the world. It not only enhances your eye but at the same time gives you an admirable eye-catchy look. There are different types of Smokey. Read More