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Junaid Jamshed

The most important part of the plane was broken before it took off. According to the report, in December 2016, the PIA’s ATR aircraft flew from Chitraal to Islamabad, then the engine’s power turbine was removed from the stage one blade (PT-1), which affected the power turbine shaft’s rotation, while the “OSG” pin was also broken….

Mr. Junaid Jamshaid (Late):

A man who was in every color, loved by everyone and the star of all, suddenly went and closed everyone’s eyes and deserted everyone’s heart. Born in 1964, Mr. Junaid Jamshed earned a degree in Engineering from The UET in Lahore. The heart-rone pakistan has become an icon in the history of our pop, the voice that has been in the heart of every young man of this era in the late 80s. However, after his fourth and final pop album in 2002, his trend towards Islamic teachings began to increase, and past pop stars appeared to be emerging as a star. 

In 2004 Junaid Jamshed announced his willingness to give up singing and dedicate his life to preaching of Islam. Who has been a host in special Ramadan broadcasts and programs in the past years, including the renowned Naat-e-Khawaan and Aa-Pan fashion label, has also been featured as a host. Former pop icon and today’s leader was also awarded the medal by the Pakistan government in 2007. Junaid Jamshed gained fame in the country with his religious and religious programs, in 2014 he was also included among the 500 influential Muslim figures of the world, Junaid Jamshed was also associated with the World Welfare Organization called Muslim Charity for 13 years.  

Plane Crashed

An Investigation into the Plane Crash:

 According to the report, when a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) ATR aircraft flew from Chitral to Islamabad in December 2016, the stage one blade (PT 1) of the engine’s power turbine was broken and removed from its place, causing the power turbine shaft to rotate however affected while OSG pin was also broken. The investigation team suspects that the power turbines had broken down during the flight from Peshawar to Chitraal before the Stage One Blade and OSG Pin crash, but the plane was still diverted for the next flight. The report said that the metal analysis of “OSG Pin” in the America showed that it was incorrectly fitted during a maintenance.  The last maintenance of the Aircraft was in Canada, where not only “OSG Pin” was modified, however part number was also changed. The release of Vital Sign’s debut album brought the band to the heights of fame as a pop pioneer in Pakistan and its main singer Junaid Jamshed, which is hard to find today. Several songs from his second solo album, released in 1999, are among the super hits of this era.  

The error occurred in the ATR Aircraft:

The error occurred at 4:55 p.m. and 31 seconds during the flight, and the engine fuel was involved in fuel pollution, which reduced the speed of the propeller and the power turbine sedation with the broken OSG pin and power turbine stag one blade. At 4:00 p.m, the engine number one fell at 10 minutes and 34 seconds and at 4:11 and 53 seconds, OSG stopped working. Unfortunately, the pilots of the plane saw a new kind of error that had never been seen in ATR aircraft before and at 4:20 p.m, the plane crashed at the site of the crash. The report said that the change in engine design was a manufacturer’s fault and a better design was proposed to correct it, but the PIA could not complete the aircraft’s faults while the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) did not properly monitor the process. The interim report did not determine the exact cause of the accident, but it is certain that the accident was caused by artistic errors, mis-minutes and human error and therefore the PIA, Civil Aviation Authority, aircraft and engine manufacturers were responsible. 

Junaid Jamshed Funeral

Farewell Junaid Jamshed:

The end of life is death and the last resting place of the body is the grave, but the way Junaid Jamshed went, he is not forgetting the good, this wave of pain, in the form of fire and smoke on December 7, rose from the mansions and The country was under siege

The body of the beloved Junaid Jamshed was brought to the Defense Ground from PNS Shifa for the funeral prayers. The family members of the deceased, civil and military officials, leaders of political parties, well-known sports persons, artists and thousands of citizens were present there. Police and Rangers took over the security arrangements on the occasion

Renowned religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel also gave a short speech to appease the bereaved. Various religious personalities including Mufti Taqi Usmani and Mufti Rafi Usmani were also present in the funeral procession. Funeral prayers were offered by Maulana Tariq Jameel. When he was taken away, he saw some beautiful scenes.

Junaid Jamshed was buried at the premises of Darul Uloom Korangi as per his wish. He also prayed for forgiveness.

Junaid Jamshed Grave

Thousand’s of People have been Changed after the Funeral:

Trust of Allah, entrusted to Allah, such funerals belong to someone, Junaid Jamshed has been paid homage with tears by scholars, political and social leaders, athletes and artists.

Everyone says that Junaid did not go anywhere despite his departure, his voice and his memory are present among us. The people who walked the path of death for the service and guidance of God became immortal in their hearts. The soil of the homeland not only embraced them like a mother, but also showed that whoever recited the hymns of the greatness of this soil, And sing love songs, everyone is singing his praises.

The last journey of Junaid Jamshed, the owner of a bright face and a soft smile, was completed, but the martyrs never die. Junaid Jamshed, who was suffering from real disease, passed away on December 7.Lovers outside the house kept coming to offer condolences with sad steps, memories of the past and Junaid’s sweet words are bothering friends while politicians were calling Junaid Jamshed’s death a great tragedy. Funeral prayers were offered as if the world had come in a small space. Important personalities from political, social and lifestyles joined in their prayers on the last journey of Junaid Jamshed. In this two-day journey of the world, Junaid Jamshed had expressed his desire to make his last resting place in Darul Uloom Korangi. Burial was held here. The world will remember this pop singer who said goodbye to the colors of the world at the height of fame. And all sacrificed in the way of Allah, were famous and are still famous today, we missed him ever, especially in the holy month of Ramdan, Read more: